After starting from pole position, Nigel Melker (Team Netherlands) was able to win the first FA1 race during the ACCELERATION 2014 event in Navarra, Spain.“The start didn’t go that well, so Mirko Bortolotti was able to pass me. Luckily he made a mistake which I took advantage of. When I took first position again I was able to create a gap. The car is really good, the pit stop went well and we finished with a gap of 12 seconds”, Melker explains.

During second qualification, Melker got the fastest lap time again, but the race director retracted it due to disregarding the tracks limits. Melker said: “The car is really fast now, so I think it doesn’t matter to start on second place tomorrow. I’m determined to win again.”  Mirko Bortolotti (Team Italy) finished second and will start from pole position tomorrow. Third position was for Richard Gonda (Team Slovakia), who will start from fourth position for Sunday race.


On the third day of the second round of ACCELERATION 2014 in Spain, Nigel Melker (Team Netherlands) was able to win the FA1 race again. Mirko Bortolotti (Team Ghinzani, Italy) crossed the finish line first, but due to a ten second penalty, he had to give away his trophy.

Bortolotti started from pole position for a 45-minute race, including two mandatory pit stops. That is where it went wrong for the Italian driver: his team forgot to put the tire down and it rolled through pit lane. The consequence was time penalty, which made Nigel Melker the winner of the race. Sebastian Balthasar finished third.