Andrea Stella says that McLaren will spread its F1 updates between Canada and Britain, as he adds on focus for the triple-header.

With the first of their updates brought about in Baku, the next set of upgrades will be distributed in races between Canada and Britain with the exception of Austria which hosts a sprint weekend. The size of the update will be bigger than Azerbaijan as well.

Further redesigns of the floor will be delayed until the British round, while the new bits in Imola is not a reaction to the happenings in Baku or Miami, but more which were already put in place after Australia to be ready for the Italian weekend.

“Yes, it will definitely be before the summer break,” said Stella to media. “We are distributing these upgrades between Canada and Britain. We will be avoiding Austria because it’s a sprint event. And given the size of the package, we are not confident to bring it to an event… like in Baku, we did it because it was just the floor.

“But here, there’s more redesign involved and the floor we will delay to Britain. Looking at the upcoming events, in reality, like what happens in Imola is what you kind of signed off and sent to production either one month or two months ago, depending on the lead time. So it’s not like if you have a set-up issue, then you can react in the space between now and Imola.

“But at the moment we have more issues to do with the specification of the car, with the package, and these have their own lead time time which you have to build, design, produce and so on. So what happens in Imola is what we decided one month ago. There’s little developments coming for Imola, actually.

“But they are minor compared to the step that we need to make to be consistently in the points, which is what we want to do,” summed up Stella, who notes that the current situation doesn’t change their rate of development when asked how much development McLaren actually needs to be back up to speed.

“It doesn’t change the rate of development,” said McLaren team boss. “It just helps focusing some conditions in which you develop your car. These conditions are conditions that you have to put your car in development in CFD and some conditions that you have to put your car in the wind tunnel development. You have to give more weight and more emphasis to these conditions. The rate is always pushing 100% but redirected somehow.”

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