McLaren Group is seeking to remove the ‘sold to Audi’ story as it notes that there is no ownership change done as being reported.

The McLaren Group has released a statement of their own to put down the stories related to ‘sold to Audi’ that ran all in the British media from Monday onward. This comes after German media kicked-off the broader story of Volkswagen’s interest.

The bigger picture was the apparent idea of entering F1 via taking a stake into an existing team. McLaren was one of the outfits that was talked about in the report before the stories of ‘Audi already having acquired the Group’ which will pave way into the sport.

It is not just Audi’s name that is being said about but Porsche is the one linked too, with Red Bull looking out for a partner after Honda’s withdrawal. But strangely, those links have lessened for the time being, but an apparent move with McLaren reported more.

However, the company has denied any change in ownership. It even stated that they were seeking to remove the story presented by various websites. “McLaren Group is aware of a news media report stating it has been sold to Audi,” said the statement. “This is wholly inaccurate and McLaren is seeking to have the story removed.

“McLaren’s technology strategy has always involved ongoing discussions and collaboration with relevant partners and suppliers, including other carmakers, however, there has been no change in the ownership structure of the McLaren Group.”

The news involving McLaren comes at a time when the company has raised capital with the help from Middle Eastern banks, especially after the pandemic losses. On the racing side as well, it has invested well in F1, IndyCar and even Extreme E – while they are looking at Formula E and World Endurance Championship too.