McLaren Racing has hired Stephanie Carlin in Business Operations Director role from 2024 F1 season onward from Rodin Carlin.

In a new role, McLaren has hired Carlin to be its F1 Business Operations Director. She will start work in January 2024 and report to team principal Andrea Stella. In her job, she will look at activities related to the F1 operations on the commercial side.

Additionally, she will also oversee the team’s participation in F1 Academy where Bianca Bustamante will represent McLaren while driving for ART Grand Prix. Carlin moves to the bigger league after serving as Carlin’s team principal at junior level.

She was also assigned as Lewis Hamilton’s Team X44 team principal in Extreme E. “We’re pleased to confirm the recruitment of Stephanie Carlin as F1 Business Operations Director,” said a statement from McLaren.

“Stephanie will join McLaren in January 2024 from Rodin Carlin, where she was Team Principal of their F3 and F1 Academy Teams, as well as Team Principal of Team X44 in Extreme E. Stephanie will report directly to Andrea Stella and will oversee a variety of activities related to F1 operations, as well as our participation in the 2024 F1 Academy season. Welcome to the team, Stephanie.”

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