McLaren Racing and McLaren Indy have jointly sued Alex Palou and Chip Ganassi Racing’s ALPA Racing entity amid u-turn from the Spaniard.

The news of Palou not joining Arrow McLaren in IndyCar came to light last week after AP reported about an internal letter from Zak Brown where he shared his disappointment of the Spaniard not honouring his contract with them from the 2024 season.

McLaren had also invested in Palou’s F1 programme after he signed up as a reserve driver. The Spaniard was even dropped by Monaco Increase Management after they were disappointed too by his u-turn to not honour his contract signed for 2024.

CGR has defended Palou but neither the team and nor the driver has yet confirmed their programme for the 2024 IndyCar season. In the meantime, McLaren has pressed on with a court case against the Spaniard and the team for compensation.

The separate cases have been filed at the UK Commercial Court with Morgan Lewis & Bockius hired to represent them as per IndyStar, who have seen the documents. The lawsuits were field as Part 7 Claims which is mostly down to compensation.

The separate case against Palou was seemingly filed this Wednesday, but the one against the team’s entity was done so already last Friday when the news broke about the Spaniar’s u-turn. McLaren is yet to comment anything regarding the court cases.

At the same time, Palou’s management hasn’t said anything either apart from noting that the focus for them remains to win the 2023 IndyCar title as it nears its end with the Spaniard leading the drivers’ standings from teammate Scott Dixon.

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