McLaren Racing has revealed about a fire in their F1 garage during its official filming day at Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona.

With the first test of the 2019 F1 season done and dusted, McLaren stayed back an extra day to undertake its filming day at Barcelona with Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris in action as the team shared about their runs on social media.

The Woking-based team was one of the three F1 teams to have not done their filming day before the first test, where they are allowed to run for 100km on demo Pirelli tyres. The day seems to have gone smoothly but for a fire towards the end.

Reports quickly circulated of a fire where team members were taken to the medical center. The news has been confirmed by McLaren of fire in their garage which was doused quickly by the team members as the circuit emergency services rushed to the spot.

Three members were taken to the circuit’s medical center for a treatment and have been released already. The statement from the team read: “There was a small fire in the garage during the team’s private filming day.

“The fire was quickly extinguished by the team and circuit emergency services attended immediately. Three team members were treated at the medical centre and were released shortly after.”

The team had a good run in the first test with Sainz and rookie Norris as they together completed 445 laps in the four days –  already soaking up handsome mileage which they haven’t been able to do so in the last few seasons.

While the fire may have dampened their mood but they received good news earlier in the day when James Key’s start date was finally confirmed after the Italian outfit agreed to release the Brit earlier than his contract terms.