Lewis Hamilton finished less than a tenth of a second ahead of his teammate Nico Rosberg. Both Mercedes were 0.8s ahead of Sebastian Vettel, 3rd on his Ferrari.


Most drivers complained about grip at the beginning of the session, so we saw many of them going wide and struggling with the balance of their cars. The Mercedes set the pace already with the medium tyre. The Ferraris were the closest to them, with the Red Bulls and the Williams also around.

The times with the soft tyre are hard to interpret, as drivers encountered traffic and went on track at different times. It seems that Red Bull might not be as far ahead of Ferrari as it looked like yesterday, but neither Ricciardo or Kvyat had a clean lap. Kimi Räikkönen had mechanical problems which left him without a lap on soft tyres. The Williams are probably still hiding their cards. Good job for Carlos Sainz (5th) and Fernando Alonso (8th).