– Final victories in the Sport Division for Jaubert and Haverkort– Michael Cool scores the double in the last rounds of the Club Division Barcelona, March 3, 2024. The Catalan capital Barcelona was the venue for the final of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Southern Europe last weekend. Once again there were many different winners, while Ariel Levi (Team GP Elite) and Robert Sulma (Proton Huber Competition) are the 2024 champions in the Sport Division and the Club Division respectively. After four more than successful meetings in Portugal and Spain, it is already clear that the third edition of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Southern Europe will continue to build on the success of the first two seasons.

“First and foremost, allow me to congratulate the champions and winners of this weekend and by extension all participating drivers and teams on this very successful second year of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Southern Europe,” said Series Manager Lars Plato.

“But our partners, the host circuits and all employees have also contributed to a strong 2024 season. This already gives a lot of energy and plans to start working on the 2025 edition now, a 2025 edition that will build on the experience and the positive elements from the past two seasons.”

Fight to the finish Naturally, Barcelona would be the venue for the final rounds, which would not only determine the last winners of the season, but also the champions of the 2024 season. In the Sport Division, the first win of the weekend went to the young Frenchman Mathys Jaubert, in the colors of Martinet by Alméras. He beat the new champion, Ariel Levi (Team GP Elite), and Alexander Tauscher (Proton Huber Competition), who would be crowned vice-champion at the end of the weekend. In the final round of the season, Kas Haverkort (Team GP Elite) was able to take a second victory of the season, ahead of Tauscher and Levi. In the overall standings it was Levi ahead of Tauscher and the champion in the PRO-AM class, Alexander Reimann (EST1 Racing), who also won the second final races in that class, each time ahead of Henri Tuomaala (Porsche Estonia) and Jules Grouwels (Team RaceArt). In the final standings of the PRO-AM championship, Reimann beats Grouwels and Cengiz Oguzhan (Team GP Elite).

Fast guests In the Club Division, the weekend followed the same pattern, with two 30-minute races. Both of those rounds were won by Michael Cool, who gave Belgium Racing a second and third victory of the season, after Nicolas Saelens’ victory in the opening round.

In the first race, Cool beat Robert Sulma (Proton Huber Competition) and Thomas Winkler (FACH Autotech). Angelo Fontana (EST1 Racing) and Peter Hegglin (FACH Autotech) were on the podium during the final race, while Robert Sulma secured his title. Sulma goes ahead of Philippe Wils (Speedlover) and Javier Ripoll Jr. (EST1 Racing) in the final standings. Robert Cronin won the final races of the GT4 class, while Graham King took the title.