Charles Leclerc – together with Wedding Ring, Guido and Nicolas – have launched his ice cream range ‘LEC’ in Italy (for now).

Charles Leclerc, extraordinary F1 talent, has a weakness for ice cream, a great passion that has always accompanied him. His wish? An ice cream without compromises, with the right balance between taste and lightness, to be able to give in to temptation more often.

Reconciling pleasure, even that of a simple ice cream, with a healthy and balanced lifestyle can often be a real challenge. Imagine a world where you can indulge in the pleasure of ice cream without worries. This is Charles’ vision, which became reality thanks to the special touch of Federico and Guido, true ice cream wizards, and with the fundamental support of Nicolas.

Delicious and low in calories, LEC is the exceptional balance between satisfying the desire for ice cream and making informed food choices. Whether you want to embrace the total pleasure of ice cream because it makes you happy or respect your lifestyle like Charles, the good news is that now you no longer have to choose. This is the story of LEC. And yes, it’s much more than just ice cream.


Here’s video launch:

More details and flavours:

Here’s Charles Leclerc on P4 finish from P8

Here’s Carlos Sainz on losing hope of podium

Here’s link to a F1 Discord channel, join in to interact

[Note: The story is as per press release]