Charles Leclerc, Oscar Piastri continue their ‘family’ banter after F1 Monaco GP front-row lockout, involving Carlos Sainz too.

The shenanigans kick-started ahead of the F1 Monaco GP, when McLaren’s Piastri wanted to find his ‘Monegasque’ roots much like how he noted about his Italian roots in Imola. Ferrari’s Leclerc came to his rescue by wanting to ‘adopt’ him as a son.

This kick-started the weekend long banter between Leclerc and Piastri, where even the F1 and the FIA admins got involved on their social media channels. The former edited the FP1 results by adding ‘Oscar Piastri – Leclerc’ in the timing sheets.

This continued on even after qualifying when Leclerc took pole in Monaco GP and Piastri ended up on the front-row alongside him. Arthur Leclerc joined the banter from his end, as Leclerc/Piastri continued their banter in the press conference involving Carlos Sainz too.

Turn 1 situation –

Leclerc: “I mean we are we are family. So starting on the front row both of us will have a meeting with my mum tonight and I’m sure she will calm us down and hopefully I can get through Turn 1 in the first position and Oscar in the second place. But yeah, let’s see. Obviously I think… [To Carlos] Do you want me to adopt you as well? Don’t be jealous, Carlos.

Sainz: “You know, I need a haircut from your mom here. I need to find a new hairdresser in Monaco.”

Leclerc: “Whenever you want. Whenever you want. I think she has availability. And she will find some for you, for sure. So, yeah, I think that we just need to focus on ourselves. We can only control what we can do best, and that starts with a good start. If we have a good start, I have little doubt that we’ll keep that position into Turn 1. And we’ve had good starts recently, so I’m not too worried.”

Piastri: “I mean, it’s a short run compared to everyone else. I don’t know. I might try and bribe your mum to let me go through, but I don’t know. It’s a short run, obviously, and, you know, it is Monaco still, but the race isn’t all won and lost at Turn 1. There’s still some things you can do. You can put pressure on and make the right strategy calls, and it can still get you through. So, yeah, it’s not the be-all and end-all, but it would certainly make life a bit easier.”

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