Charles Leclerc says he doesn’t get that confidence as the Ferrari F1 car gets into different windows from one compound to another.

Once again, it hasn’t been the start that Ferrari wanted to their F1 campaign. The team is not only down on pace this year but they are suffering from inconsistencies as well which is hampering the confidence of both Leclerc and Carlos Sainz when driving.

They already had issues with degradation, but wind sensitivity and inconsistency performance on different compounds is adding to their troubles which Leclerc highlighted. The Monegasque is pushing hard and eventually making those silly mistakes.

“I think it has been similar since the beginning of the season as every single race we are going from one compound to the other and we never know what is going to happen on a new compound,” said Leclerc to media.

“So it is always an unknown how the car is going to react and if the tyres are gong to be in the right window and this is just very difficult as a driver to gain the confidence and adapt your driving because you go from one set to the other and the car is completely in a different window.

“Also, this thing is for sure, this year we have a car that is much more wind sensitive and we are struggling much more with that. So there is a lot of work going on that,” summed up Leclerc, who also pointed out the pace found by Red Bull and Aston Martin this year.

“It was quite different from last year,” said Leclerc. “But I think most of all Red Bull has found something in the race and Aston Martin we know obviously that they have a very different car to what they had last year and Mercedes has done a small step forward also last, they were stronger in the race than in qualifying, so Mercedes is less of a surprise. We are just struggling massively in the race.”

Here’s Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz on inconsistent Ferrari