Nicholas Latifi admits 2022 ended up being his worst year in F1 which was crucial for his future stay in the sport.

Having made his debut in 2020, Latifi had a sort of difficult time when Williams were at their low. But teammate George Russell managed to outshine him still with Q2 results and even points. The Canadian did manage to get some points but it wasn’t consistent.

Post his rookie year, Latifi had a decent 2021 to be retained for another season but 2022 ended up being the worst of the lot as he couldn’t adapt to the new regulations. His new teammate Alexander Albon managed to eke out similar results as Russell.

It became more evident not only to Williams but also Latifi that it was difficult to continue in the sport as he was eventually announced to be replaced by Logan Sargeant. “I think it’s safe to say it’s been a very up-and-down year,” he said.

“My first two years were… I guess what you can expect, as the first two years in Formula 1: a rookie season is a rookie season. Second year, I think there was some really big improvements all across, all around, and I guess this year, as a team, collectively we took a step backwards and I just struggled to get on top of the car.

“Various different issues. Obviously some things in my control, come things out of my control. That’s motor sport, that’s the way it always goes. This year I would say ultimately was my worst year out of the three years in what was a crucial year for me to secure the future. So, I think that’s the reality of it. And it just didn’t work out in the end.

“It’s been an experience, for sure. I’m grateful to have had these years in F1 – they’ve been very character-building, to say the least. Obviously there’s been many more low moments than high moments, but that’s a bit of a saying for motorsport. There’s been many, like I say, good memories along the way, a lot of strong bonds and relationships. I’ll try and focus on those and remember those positives,” summed up Latifi.

Outside his results, Latifi came under huge pressure for his championship-defining crash in 2021 Abu Dhabi GP. He was at the receiving end of threats but came out of it eventually. With his F1 career done for now, his future isn’t sorted yet as he looks at various options whether to remain in single-seaters or make a switch.

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