The qualifying session hasn’t had a clear dominator, althought Sainz Jr, Niederhauser and Korjus were always at the top.

At first Visoiu marked an important time, down from 1.36, but as time passed, the times were getting better, with Niederhauser under the 1.35s, times that have been more difficult to overcome by Ellinas and Korjus, but they have finally succeeded. At the end of the session, while the drivers waited to go out to the track, to get their best times, Korjus made a brilliant lap and came down ahead of Ellinas by only 0.040 seconds.

The pole’s been taken by Kevin Korjus, but he will start 11th because of yesterday’s penalization for ignoring yellow flags.
The top 5 of the session has been as follows:
1. K.Korjus
2. T.Ellinas
3. P.Niederhauser
4. A.Fontana
5. C.Sainz Jr