Christian Horner has elaborated on the recent situation involving Porsche and how Red Bull is taking it while keeping Honda at hand too.

After Audi announced its intention to enter F1 from 2026 as a power unit supplier, questions marks over Porsche increased if the deal with Red Bull would happen or not. It is not related to the supply, but more about how the partnership will work.

The shareholders are getting involved in the situation with both parties wanting a good deal out of it. It is natural that the two big companies wouldn’t want to put itself down and when asked about it, Horner noted that the talks are constructive so far.

He stated that Red Bull Powertrains project is on course, whether Porsche comes in to become partners, it depends on the agreement. At the same time, when asked if Honda can remain beyond 2026, the Brit did not give a direct answer to the query.

Porsche vs Honda –

Horner: “We are pushing ahead with Red Bull powertrains. They fired up the first engine prior to the summer break. 2026 is still a while away. We have plenty of time and of course, strategically, we will have to do what is right for the team and for the company. And obviously, that’s between the shareholders. There’s constructive ongoing discussions obviously with Porsche.”

Honda could remain –

Horner: “I think that, nothing is fixed for 2026. I mean, obviously, Red Bull powertrains is established. We have recruited more than 300 people. So, that is our path.”

Different situation with Audi –

Horner: “We don’t have time pressure. Because, 26 is still three and a bit years away. So we don’t need to be in a rush. And therefore, there are constructive discussions ongoing.”

Hold-up with Porsche –

Horner: “Well, no, because it fundamentally won’t change anything. The way that the company is constructed, we have Red Bull powertrains that will be producing an engine for 2026. And the whole purpose for that was to have an integrated solution between engine and chassis. With the idea to bring it all under one roof. Being the only team other than Ferrari doing so. Nothing about that is the absolute clear plan.”

No Porsche –

Horner: “We were very much focused on our own project. And there’s a great deal of speculation, it’s great that there’s manufacturers that are interested in coming into the sport or to be remaining in the sport. With Red Bull powertrains: it’s made the commitment. We have the facility. We have the dynos, we have the capability, we recruited some of the best talent in Formula One. And we believe we’re in a very healthy place for the future.”

Honda can remain –

Horner: “I think you’re getting very speculative now.”

Deadline –

Horner: “There is a date. But that doesn’t preclude a deal being done after the 15th. Red Bull Powertrain will be supplying two teams in 2026.”

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