Lewis Hamilton is not dwelling much on his 300th entry and start this weekend in F1 French GP, where he could be the first one to win a grand prix with 300 races.

Mercedes’ Hamilton is joining the 300 club this weekend in F1 French GP becoming the sixth driver to do so in the history of the sport. What is interesting is that no driver in the league has won a grand prix after going past that feat.

Hamilton is with the best chance to tick that box and achieve the milestone. Also, so far in 2022, he is yet to win a grand prix which is first for him in his career during a particular season. He all the years he has raced, he has one at least once.

But for Hamilton, he is not dwelling into these matter as much. “It doesn’t faze me because I’m working towards getting that win,” he said. “So I do believe at some stage we’ll be able to compete with these guys. Whether it’s this weekend, or in five races time. So yeah, I don’t really think about that. I think more about the journey.

“The journey is the important part. I think we started off not where we want it to be, we’ve made progress, we started to reach a patch of a bit of consistency. Not a single person in our team has given up, and we’ve continued to push. So I’m really proud of the process and experience that we’ve had. It’s definitely not the…

“Entering into season it’s not necessarily the one you would ask for but if anything it’s been a really valuable lesson learned for all of us, and experience. I think we’ve sharpened our tools in lots of other areas. So that when we do get back to where I feel like we deserve to be then I think we will appreciate it that much more,” summed up Hamilton.

When pressed on to know about his toughest opponent en-route the 300 mark, Hamilton readily named Fernando Alonso considering he was his first rival in F1 as a rookie. “I think it’s difficult to say who’s necessarily been the strongest competitor, I think, because every time you’re with someone you’re in a different place in your life,” he said.

“I remember the task of being alongside Fernando when I was 22. I was so young mentally and of course, okay in terms of skill but it’s a lot of pressure to go against a great like him so I would say out of pure pace I think… I always say it’s Fernando and ability. We had some good battles, I wish we could have more and hopefully he’s going to continue to race so hopefully we will have more in the future,” summed up Hamilton.