Pierre Gasly says that the strategy call in F1 Abu Dhabi GP will have to be reviewed as Esteban Ocon is not caring about it.

Amid the hit from Lewis Hamilton in F1 Abu Dhabi which damaged the rear of Alpine’s Gasly, the Frenchman was a bit taken aback by the strategy where the team pitted Esteban Ocon before him when the order was for the former to pit first.

By going a bit longer, Gasly’s race was compromised further along with the diffuser issue. This isn’t the first time that Alpine has face such radio dramas. Gasly was pretty frustrated in the cockpit as he relayed to his race engineer, who did not given him an answer.

Eventually both Ocon and Gasly ended up outside the points, with the latter not happy with the call even after the race and noting about a review post-season. “Obviously I wasn’t happy with the strategy call,” he Gasly. “This will be reviewed and we made a mistake and I’m sure we’ll learn from it.

“It should not happen. The leading car always has the priority, and we know it should not happen. So I’m sure we’ll learn from it and I’m sure it won’t happen again. I don’t know [why Alpine chose that strategy]. I think the main conversation is to happen in the office, and I’m sure we’ll have it. It should not have happened,” summed up Gasly.

Teammate Ocon was not party to comment about the latest radio dramas from Gasly. “Honestly I don’t care,” he said. “What is more important is for us to be understanding what has been happening this season. Quite a lot of ups and downs in terms of performance, level of pace. We were not quick enough, unfortunately, to get into the top 10 and to score points. And the consistency clearly that we have to get better.”

Here’s Pierre Gasly on contact with Lewis Hamilton

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