The Formula One Management (FOM) has forbidden the use of any means of transport during the official F1 track walk.

In general, not every driver opted to utilise the official F1 track walk session held on Thursdays of every grand prix weekend. But with the new note from the FOM, it will further push drivers away from these track walks and rely on onboards and pictures.

The idea of a F1 track walk was for drivers and teams to go through the changes made, whether for safety reasons or to make things interesting. They also went through the little tricks they envisaged to use during the weekend to eke out extra time/pace.

But with the new memo, it is likely to push drivers and the teams to rely on other means rather than look at themselves. In recent times, several F1 drivers opted to use bicycles, scooters, e-scooters, e-bikes, etc, for their F1 track walk.

As per the FOM, this made things hectic at the circuit for any work to be carried out in preparation for the grand prix weekend. With support events like F2 and F3, the track is jam-packed with people as certain circuits even allowed public at certain parts.

And if drivers and their team use any means of transport, it increases traffic and in some ways it is also a bit risky as everyone has to be careful during these sessions. The change from the FOM was alerted to the drivers and teams during the Bahrain GP weekend.

It already came into effect from this weekend in Saudi Arabia, but it is unclear what penalty any driver or team could be handed if they are found to be breaking the rule since the note came from the FOM and not the FIA, who can apply the penalties.

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