Pietro Fittipaldi is looking for an increased role with Haas F1 Team in 2020 where he hopes he gets some free practice sessions under his belt.

Fittipaldi joined Haas as a simulator and test driver in 2019 and has been working with the American F1 outfit with the development of the car all-through the year, where he has not only driven the VF-19 on track but also undertaken sim work at Maranello and Dallara.

In Abu Dhabi GP, Haas even tried live simulation like the bigger F1 teams where he worked for solutions on Friday, following the practice sessions, and flew to the circuit then after. He got the chance to drive the car on Day 2 of the Pirelli tyre test as well.

With the 2019 work over, Fittipaldi is now looking towards 2020, where he is confirmed to race in Super Formula with B-Max Racing with Motopark Honda, as he gets a full year in Japan after competing in DTM in 2019 with Team WRT Audi, finishing 15th with 22 points.

The Brazilian also raced in Round 1 of the FIA F3 Asia Winter Series at Sepang this weekend as he chases for F1 superlicense points. Along with the Super Formula drive, Fittipaldi is looking for an increased role with Haas, with even few FP1 sessions.

“I really want to stay with Haas, it’s been really great, really amazing to work with them this year,” said Fittipaldi to media including FormulaRapida.net. “I’ve really learned a lot in the first year working directly with a F1 team.

“The people here, they’re very good, very open as well, it’s an open environment you know, so if I ask them for feedback, they give it to me straight away with the engineers and stuff, so that way I have been able to get better technically with the car.

“And obviously contribute to the team as much as I can. For sure next year I’d like to stay with them – along with racing elsewhere – as my goal still is to make it to F1, you know that’s my goal my dream and I want to give it my all to try and reach it.”

When pressed further by FormulaRapida.net, he added: “If I continue with Haas, I would like an increased role. The Super Licence is something I’m working on, but as soon as I get that I would like to be the reserve driver for the team.

“One step at a time though and I know there’s no in-season testing next year, so free practices will be important so for sure I’d like to continue what I’m doing and then do more for next year. I’m four points away from getting that Super Licence.

“We need those four points and as soon as I do, I’ll get the Super Licence. If we complete four FP1s next year then we get the points, but then there’s also other ways to race in a championship to get points. It’s important we get it [the licence].”

Fittipaldi also explained that F2 clashes with his F1 work and so he didn’t opt to race there as he clarified that Robert Kubica’s links to Haas doesn’t change his to-be contract with the team. “I’m waiting on that as well to see what happens there,” he said.

“I don’t know what the rumours are or what’s going on. That plays a key part in it. But I’d like to continue with the team. I’m pretty confident it would happen but then I don’t know where Robert will play into it. If he joins, it doesn’t mean that I am without a role.”

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