The FIA has shared details for F1 Monaco GP with changes to the circuit along with DRS zones and some specific note for the Monte Carlo race.

With no Emilia Romagna GP last weekend, the F1 circus once again returns to a street circuit this weekend in Monaco GP. The track limits then is the walls and the usual white line as re-affirmed by FIA Race Director Niels Wittich.

However, there is one not about the Turn 10-11 escape road where Wittich has instructed that if anyone uses the escape road at Turn 10-11, ‘the driver may re-join the track only when the lights, operated the marshal on the spot, are turned to green’.

Most other track related rules are similar apart from the new stricter speed limit under the Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car period as announced. In terms of the Monaco GP circuit changes, the FIA notes of new asphalt at various corners. They are:

  • New asphalt paving between entry Turn 19 and exit Turn 1.
  • New asphalt paving between exit Turn 8 and exit from the tunnel, and new asphalt paving at the entry of Turn 10.
  • New asphalt paving between entry Turn 15 and exit Turn 17.

Considering the layout, there is just the sole DRS whose detection point is 80m after Turn 16 and activation at 18m after Turn 19. As for the FIA stewards, the panel will be led by Tim Mayer who will have Felix Holter, Emanuele Pirro and Jean Francois Calme in the team.

In addition to the above, there is some specific Monaco GP rules that the FIA Race Director has noted. It relates to the curfew hours for the Pirelli tyre engineer associated with each F1 team. Their way of working has been devised due to logistical situation.

Due to the unique logistical challenges presented by the Monaco GP the following concessions will be made:

On the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, for this event only, the curfew period will be extended by a period of three (3) hours for a maximum of six (6) operational personnel for the sole purpose of tyre preparations post tyre fitting from the tyre supplier.

Pirelli Trackside Operations regarding personnel (Engineering/Fitting) –

To limit the number of personnel for Monaco, the following procedure is implemented:

  • Only the Pirelli engineer will be present in the pit lane and garage for all practice sessions and qualifying.
  • All wear checking and tyre photography shall take place after the session at the Pirelli fitting area. Each Competitor is responsible for delivery of the used sets to Pirelli in the usual way 4 to wear checking/stripping.
  • For the race, each Competitor should have space to allow the usual wear checking during the race after the pit stop. A space should be provided in the garage or behind in the teams own area where Pirelli personnel can work.

Teams are kindly reminded that their maximum collaboration is expected to deliver free practice tyres to the Pirelli fitting area in a timely manner.

Here’s the full FIA Race Directors’ Note:’s%20Event%20Notes.pdf

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