The FIA has asked for remedy from the promoters of F1 Canadian GP for the track invasion as found out by the stewards.

As it happened in Australia, the same happened in this weekend’s F1 Canadian GP where fans invaded the Montreal circuit just when the grand prix was ending which posed a security and safety threat as there were live cars present on track at that time.

The FIA stewards pulled up promoters Octane Racing Group for the same. They stated: “A large group of spectators managed to break the security lines and accessed the track in several areas while the race was finishing and cars were still on track.

“The security measures and/or security officers and/or equipment which were expected to be in place for the Event were not either enforced or were not sufficient resulting in an unsafe environment for the spectators and drivers.”

This was breach of Article 12.2.1.h of the 2024 FIA International Sporting Code and as per that the FIA stewards have given the promoters time until September 30 to file a report on the matter and what remedies they will put in place to avoid such circumstances.

It is unclear which all cars were still on track when the invasion took place and at which corners after the F1 Canadian GP, with no clear reports emerging thus far, even in terms of any social media posting from fans on track.

Here full report:

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