F1 has listed the Top 10 dramatic moments of the 2023 season which includes some close fights, incidents and result-changing situations.

In another list shared by F1, they have accumulated the Top 10 dramatic moments from the 2023 season. It is not just some moments of overtakes but it carries a variety which includes race starts, collisions, weather-related, defends and more.

Here’s the list –


Red Bull duo knocked out in Q2 – Singapore GP


Charles Leclerc crashes out on formation lap and the start seeing an incident between Alexander Albon and Haas pair – Brazil GP


Monsoon conditions catches out multiple cars – Dutch GP


Esteban Ocon holding off George Russell by just – Austrian GP


Esteban Ocon defending and holding off Lando Norris – Canadian GP


Mercedes pair collide at the start – Qatar GP


Third start creating multiple offs and big incident – Australian GP


George Russell crashing out on last lap to lose P2 – Singapore GP


Sergio Perez crashes out at start in home race – Mexico GP


Fernando Alonso passing and holding off Sergio Perez for P3 – Brazil GP

Here’s full video of the list: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.watch-relive-the-top-10-dramatic-moments-from-the-2023-campaign.3u7Zn38OsQHpDFTRZXtQh3.html


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