With just one day left for the 2021 F1 pre-season testing to kick-off at Bahrain International Circuit, teams have set their line-up for action.

Unlike 2020, the 2021 F1 pre-season test will only be of three days in all from March 12-14 at Bahrain International Circuit, as opposed to Barcelona. The COVID-19 situation, coupled with stable regulations, prompted for less track time which helps in cost cutting too.

It will be usual running as the testing starts at 10:00 AM local time, with the morning session to run until 14:00 PM local time. There will be one hour of break with the running to resume at 15:00 PM local time and finish at 19:00 PM local time.

In GMT, test starts at 7:00 AM and runs until 11:00 AM for morning session, while the afternoon starts at 12:00 PM until 16:00 PM. At the same time, in CET, it will start at 8:00 AM and run until 12:00 PM in the morning, while afternoon is from 13:00 PM to 17:00 PM.

In terms of live action – whether TV and or online – the F1 TV Pro users can watch it online on the sport’s own OTT platform, while the fans in UK, Italy and Germany can watch it on TV on Sky Sports. In Spain, it will be broadcasted on DAZN.

There are multiple changes from last year in the F1 driver line-up, where only Mercedes, Alfa Romeo Racing and Williams have the same duo running – although the latter will give Roy Nissany one full day of running alongside their regular drivers.

The full schedule is here for 2021 F1 Bahrain pre-season test:


Friday – Valtteri Bottas (AM), Lewis Hamilton (PM)

Saturday – Lewis Hamilton (AM), Valtteri Bottas (PM)

Sunday – Valtteri Bottas (AM), Lewis Hamilton (PM)


Friday – Charles Leclerc (AM), Carlos Sainz (PM)

Saturday – Carlos Sainz (AM), Charles Leclerc (PM)

Sunday – Charles Leclerc (AM), Carlos Sainz (PM)

Red Bull Racing:

Friday – Max Verstappen

Saturday – Sergio Perez

Sunday – Sergio Perez (AM), Max Verstappen (PM)

McLaren F1 Team:

Friday – Daniel Ricciardo (AM), Lando Norris (PM)

Saturday – Lando Norris (AM), Daniel Ricciardo (PM) – likely

Sunday – Daniel Ricciardo (AM), Lando Norris (PM) – likely


Friday – Esteban Ocon

Saturday – Fernando Alonso

Sunday – Esteban Ocon (AM), Fernando Alonso (PM)


Friday – Pierre Gasly (AM), Yuki Tsunoda (PM)

Saturday – Yuki Tsunoda (AM), Pierre Gasly (PM)

Sunday – Pierre Gasly (AM), Yuki Tsunoda (PM)

Aston Martin:

Friday – Sebastian Vettel (AM), Lance Stroll (PM)

Saturday – Sebastian Vettel (AM), Lance Stroll (PM)

Sunday – Lance Stroll (AM), Sebastian Vettel (PM)

Alfa Romeo Racing:

Friday – Kimi Raikkonen (AM), Antonio Giovinazzi (PM)

Saturday – Antonio Giovinazzi

Sunday – Kimi Raikkonen

Haas F1 Team:

Friday – Mick Schumacher (AM), Nikita Mazepin (PM)

Saturday – Nikita Mazepin (AM), Mick Schumacher (PM)

Sunday – Mick Schumacher (AM), Nikita Mazepin (PM)

Williams Racing:

Friday – Roy Nissany

Saturday – Nicholas Latifi

Sunday – George Russell

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