Dorna Sports says cancelling the 2020 MotoGP and World Superbike season will be a last resort option as MotoE racer Dominique Aegerter helps his trainer in COVID-19.

The cancellation of the Qatar MotoGP race seems like a distance move now as since then, they have had races until June start being struck off, where some have been re-scheduled while rest kept on hold as COVID-19 create havoc around the globe.

There is no certain calendar for any sporting event, including MotoGP and World SBK. The promoters, Dorna Sports, is doing everything to have some races scheduled in 2020, so that they have some action in place for the fans and not bank solely on Virtual Race.

But the Spanish body has stated that any cancellation of either MotoGP or World SBK will only be a last resort for them. Here’s the full statement from Dorna Sports: “The coronavirus pandemic is ongoing and has already resulted in revisions to the 2020 calendar for the MotoGP World Championship, including the postponement or rescheduling of a number of events.

“In light of the continued uncertainty, Dorna Sports would like to reaffirm that racing is our top priority in 2020. At Dorna, we remain in continuous discussion with the FIM, IRTA, the MSMA and Grand Prix promoters as we closely monitor the situation, keeping channels of communication and support between each pillar of our sport as open as possible.

“The aim of every party involved is to begin racing again as soon as it is safe to do so. Our number one focus has always been and will remain on trying to run the 2020 season with as many Grands Prix as possible, finishing within the 2020 calendar year.

“However, we will always act in line with health and safety advice from governments and relevant health authorities. If the pandemic continues to put our lives and sport on hold for longer than any of us are able to anticipate and travel restrictions remain in place, only as a last resort would Dorna Sports ever consider discussing cancellation of the 2020 season with the FIM, IRTA and the MSMA.

“Our number one focus for WorldSBK is likewise trying to run the 2020 season with as many Rounds as possible once it is safe to do so. The priority of all parties involved is to race, safely, and bring our fans more of what they love: motorcycle racing,” summed up the statement from Dorna.

Meanwhile, MotoE racer Aegerter shared a feel good story where he his helping trainer Pol to clean his care home in Spain amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Every year I come to Spain to do my physical preparation with @coachtotop When @motogp season was cancelled for the CORONAVIRUS, I decided to stay here to train online at home. Pol my coach also has a nursing home, and I offered to help him in any way I could. I said, "You always help me, now I have to help you." Every week, I buy bleach for them and disinfect the whole exterior. I train at home every morning and in the afternoons I collaborate in the prevention and disinfection of his nursing home. This virus is lethal for older people. And I couldn't be home locked up watching all the trouble. C.G. Sant Pere is the name of the nursing home, and they are one of the few nursing homes that have 0 CORONAVIRUS cases, so I am proud to help in this cause! I encourage everyone to help where possible, because together we will beat this virus! #stayathome #stayhealthy #staysafe #help #nursinghome #people #together #we #win #race #clean #friends #coronavid19 #2020 #barcelona #domi77 #aegi77 #77 #ad77 #domifighter #livefullgas

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