Stefano Domenicali has done a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ session with F1, where he has spoken on the weekend schedule and races in Africa/USA, among other topics.

Ahead of the Imola race this weekend, F1 uploaded a ‘StefaYES’ and ‘StefaNO’ game video on its official website. Domenicali was asked several questions, where he had to answer in a yes and or a no, but for some, the Italian chose to elaborate as well.

One of the key question was about the race weekend schedule, where Domenicali ruled out a two-day situation due to organisers not wanting it. Already in 2022 F1 season, they will a three-day trimmed down running, with the elements of Thursday moved to Friday.

“All the organisers really wanted to have a full experience for the people and for the crowd, so we need to respect that,” said Domenicali. F1 has come under some pressure from the teams with its scheduling, especially as they stretch the calendar to 25 rounds.

Although, they have a plan for three-day weekends, but with so many sessions to run, it will be too much in one round. For additional races, Domenicali had a firm yes for a grand prix return in Africa, while also having a second round in the USA.

Among other questions, Domenicali had a yes with a hope to reach its sustainability target by 2030 and also the cars to remain fast with 2022 regulation changes and the grid getting close through it, with an additional help from the budget cap restrictions.

Here’s the full video:

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