Stefano Domenicali says he will visit Incheon City to go through the plans that they have to stage F1 after receiving a letter of intent.

During the Japanese GP weekend in Suzuka, Incheon Mayor Yoo Jeong-bok made a surprise visit to meet F1 boss Domenicali. Upon meeting, he presented a letter of intent for the city to host a grand prix in the future as part of their grand plan.

The Incheon city is hoping to bring Olympics and Football World Cup as well on the floor, with F1 in their plans too. Jeong-bok came along with his Korean partner Taehwa Holdings Chairman Kang Na-yeon and Taehwa NCSC CEO Nicolas Chenot.

It is yet another street circuit that they are planning with the idea of signing a five-year deal starting from as early as 2026 and or 2027. This won’t be the first time for South Korea to stage a F1 race after its earlier attempt in 2010.

It took place at Yeongam between 2010 and 2013, but eventually it was dropped due to lack of finances. Since then, there have been multiple attempts to get back to Korea but it hasn’t materialise as such. Domenicali has expressed his interest to visit Incheon at least.

“I would like to thank Mayor Yoo Jung-bok for visiting the Japanese Grand Prix in person and actively expressing his intention to attract F1,” he said. “Let’s pay a lot of attention to the F1 Incheon Grand Prix and work together to hold it successfully. I will visit Incheon as soon as possible for follow-up discussions.”

And Jeong-bok added: “Incheon, which has convenient transportation networks such as Incheon International Airport and Incheon Port and many luxury accommodation facilities such as complex casino resorts, is the best place to host F1.”


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