A few weeks ago, the German Kart Championship presented its innovative racing program for the 2021 season. But a few changes caused criticism among long-standing teams and drivers. The organizers took this to heart and adjusted the racing program once again. Among these adjustments are the lowering of the DMSB Shifterkart Cup registration fee as well as not merging the two shifterkart categories DSKM and DSKC.

The German Kart Championship has a long tradition and is going to celebrate its 60th anniversary next year. Ever since the beginnings, numerous motorsports stars have celebrated their first successes in the DKM and things should go on like this in the future. One of the most recent examples is Mick Schumacher: He rose from the DJKM and is going to celebrate his debut in the Formula 1 World Championship this year.

But the Corona pandemic causes uncertainty among the drivers and teams. The DKM team already adjusted to this in 2020 and is presenting an attractive program in 2021 again. Nonetheless, there was criticism among drivers and teams, which the people responsible for the DKM took to heart.

“It’s important to us to organize a Championship that makes the participants feel comfortable. We’ve received a lot of feedback these past weeks and talked about it within our team”, says series coordinator Stefan Wagner.

At the DMSB Shifterkart Cup, the registration fee is going to be lowered to 2.900€ again and is therefore on the same level as 2020. Every driver who is already registered is going to profit from this adjustment as well. At the same time, a possible merging of the shifterkart categories DSKM and DSKC was taken off the table. Both classes are going to take place in full at all five season races with their own ranked races.

An additional special regulation is going to affect the guest drivers at the season kick-off in Kerpen. They will get the chance to still register for the Championship fully until two weeks before the next race. The guest start is then going to be changed into a regular registration and the drivers will be entitled to their points. At the same time, the guest driver fee is going to be deducted from the registration fee.

There is going to be a new rookie sponsoring in the DJKM and DKM classes. The best rookie (DJKM: born in 2009; DKM: born in 2007) of the respective overall list of rankings will not have to pay the registration fee for the next year.

Due to the already tested and very extensive security- and hygiene-concept of the DKM, there is currently nothing standing in the way of the season kick-off in Kerpen.

“This is a positive signal for all drivers and teams. We’re excited to be able to already provide planning security here”, continues Wagner.

All in all, the racing calendar of the DKM consists of five racing weekends again with events in Kerpen, Wackersdorf, Genk (Belgium), Mülsen and Ampfing.

Key-Facts regarding DKM season 2021:

  • Registration for all classes possible until two weeks before a respective race.
  • Payment of registration fees for all classes (DKM, DJKM, DSKM and DSKC) until May 1st 2021.
  • No late fee for registrations after February 28th 2021.
  • Consistent registration fees of 3.200€ for DKM, DJKM and DSKM, as well as 2.900€ for DSKC.
  • Security- and hygiene-fee of 500€ (100 € per race weekend) per driver, which is going to be transmitted to the organizers in full for the implementation of the necessary concepts.
  • Individual ranking and ranked races for DSKM and DSKC classes.
  • Rookie sponsoring in the DJKM and DKM classes. The best rookie
  • (DJKM: born in 2009; DKM: born in 2007) won’t have to pay registration fee for the next season.
  • Guest drivers from Kerpen can still fully register for their class up until two weeks before the next race (Wackersdorf).  The results of the guest start are then going to count for points and the guest driver fee is going to be deducted from the registration fee.
  • Extensive security- and hygiene-concept provides planning security for racing events.