has been informed, via an FIA member that the Karting World Championship will have a unique race in Brazil, where the winner will receive a trophy from Viviane Senna, Ayrton Senna’s sister.

Since Felipe Massa is the president of the CIK (Comission Internationale de Karting) or FIA Karting, the ex-F1 driver has worked to move the Karting World Championship to America. Even though there are small championships, the best talents and Karting championships take place in Europe. The brazilian has reached an agreement to move this category to Brazil (Estado do Sao Paulo), for the Karting World Championship of OK and OKJ.

The news have been announced this morning, in a small meeting, in Finland, for the Karting World Championship OK and OKJ, where Ricardo Gracia, president of this new circuit in Sao Paulo, has announced the agreement with the FIA, and the details of this race that will take place next season, between October 14th and 18th.

On the other hand, it has been informed that the FIA will assume all the costs of the driver and their mechanic (one mechanic per driver), with five of accomodation, food and the transfer from the hotel to the track included. Another key factor is the logistic. The Karting is used to move around Europe, and is prepared for “short” moves around the old continent, so the FIA will also assume the costs to transfer all the material (of all teams) from Italy, to Brazil.

Every team will have a base packaging, that will be composed by two engines, and two chassis. The engines will be moved to Brazil by plane, with DHL or Panopina, specialized companies, in 8 days. On the other side, the chassis will be delivered by ship, since September 10th. Every team will have to deliver all the material, on September 5th, at the latest. All the material will have an assurance from the FIA. All the material will be returned to the teams since Novembre 7th.

This new track was opened a year and a half ago, and is located on the ‘rich zone’ of Sao Paulo. The circuit is 6 kilometers from the airport, so there won’t be big moves within the city for the drivers and the teams. Brazil gobernment will support this event, an event, that will be received as a Big event for the whole country. The gobernment will also provide security teams to assure the good development of the World Championship.

Big TV station, Globo, has already bought the rights of the whole race, and will be relayed by this TV station. The track will also have digital flags spread within all the circuit, and also will count with several big screens to follow the race properly. This event will give the chance to discover young brazilian and american drivers, and also see the competition of already top drivers in Europe.

The trophy of this World Championship will be an Ayrton Senna mock-up, being the first time that his family allow a participation of that kind. Besides, the future world champion will receive that unique trophy from Viviane Senna, Ayrton’s sister (and Bruno Senna’s mother). This fact, alongside the others, justify the magnitude of this event, that has become a dream come true thanks to Felipe Massa’s work, and the great and key FIA implication.

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