Spa is used to bring us great races, and that’s what happened today. Boccolacci won a crazy race while Lando Norris finished second, enough to take the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 title. De Sadeleer completes the podium.

The last race of the weekend at Spa-Francorchamps was the first championship ball for Lando Norris to take the championship. The Josef Kaufmann Racing driver started 6th while his other rivals started fourth –Dorian Boccolacci, and first –Max Defourny (R-ace GP). The important fact of the race for Norris was to not see Defourny wining, which would meant that could not win the title.

At the start, Hugo de Sadeeler made an incredible start and took first position at Les combes ahead of Defourny who was very aggressive trying to retake the lead.  The Belgian started to lose more positions during the opening lap, with Daruvala and the Tech 1 Racing’s of Boccolacci and Fenestraz.

The car of the Defourny was damaged and continued losing several positions, while he was involved in a contact with Gabriel Aubry (Tech 1 Racing) who had to retire. The championship was almost lost for Defourny who joined the pits hoping for a safety car.

Meanwhile, Daruvala who was running second, was overtaken by Fenestraz, but that battle helped Norris to catch them and overtake both drivers. The same did Will Palmer (R-ace GP) who was following his compatriot on fourth position. But the BRDC F4 champion made spun off at bus stop and lost the points positions.

At mid-point of the race, De Sadeleer was leading the way ahead of Boccolacci and Norris, Fenestraz was fourth, Scott fifth, Allen sixth, Daruvala seventh, Shwartzman eight, Chaves ninth and Falchero tenth.

Daruvala (Josef Kaufmann Racing) race started to be a disaster for the Force India junior who received a 10 seconds of penalty, and then made contact with James Allen (JD Motorsport), that makes the Indian retire. Later on Daruvala’s team mate, Robert Shwartzman received another penalty.

Meanwhile, Boccolacci caught de Sadeleer and started to battle for the lead while Fenestraz and Norris caught them. Boccolacci overtook de Sadeleer and Norris took the advantage to take second position.

Finally, Boccolacci took his second win of the season while Norris finishing second, took the championship, de Sadeleer completes the podium.


1 Boccolacci 2 Norris 3 De Sadeleer 4 Fenestraz 5 Scott 6 Troitskiy 7 Falchero 8 Chaves 9 Palmer 10 Habsburg 11 Baptista 12 Korneev 13 Perullo 14 Shwartzman 15 Defourny 16 Allen 17 Daruvala 18 Aubry