Aragon has inked a new deal to extend its MotoGP stay on the calendar for three more seasons which includes 2024.

Motorland Aragon will host MotoGP for the next three years thanks to an agreement reached between the Government of Aragon and Dorna, ensuring uninterrupted hosting of this event for the next three years (2024, 2025, and 2026). On Tuesday, the Minister of Environment and Tourism and President of Motorland, Manuel Blasco, signed this commitment, which Dorna Sports CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta, has endorsed.

The previous contract, signed in 2022, stipulated that Motorland would host three Grand Prix races over five years. However, as the event wasn’t held at Motorland in 2023, the current contract only guaranteed two Grand Prix races from 2024 to 2026. Through discussions with Dorna, the regional government’s determination to revitalize and promote the Aragon speed circuit has resulted in an increase in the number of Grand Prix races. This ensures that the community can enjoy a MotoGP Grand Prix every year until 2026, after which a new contract will be required.

This inclusion is subject to the conditions already established in the contract and will require an additional eight million euros investment from the Government of Aragon. This amount corresponds to Dorna’s fee for each of the Grand Prix races. This increase reflects the commitment of the Government of Aragon to the circuit and the territorial development it entails, given that its impact on the territory and the entire community far exceeds this figure.

A study on the economic, reputational, and projection impact of Motorland Aragon, conducted by the Aragon Institute of Development and analyzing the impact of the activity of these facilities in the territory, determined that the circuit’s impact in the years when Alcañiz hosts the MotoGP World Championship amounts to 47 million euros. This analysis reveals that each member of the audience attending this event spends 211.20 euros per day and 463.5 euros per stay.

Additionally, this figure includes the 5,568 people involved, including pilots, their respective teams, GP organization, stewards, and workers, with an average stay of 5.20 days and an average weighted expenditure per person and day of about 93 euros for accommodation, catering, transportation, and other expenses. Furthermore, the economic impact due to the media projection of Motorland Aragon and the MotoGP Grand Prix worldwide amounts to 14.9 million euros.

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