Apple Studios have officially confirmed its F1 project involving Brad Pitt, Lewis Hamilton and more, with the initial plot also shared.

For months, reports of a F1 related movie was doing rounds with the involvement of Pitt and Hamilton. Apple Studios confirmed the news by confirming the people involved in the project where the British racer will contribute as a producer in the movie.

The base of the story will see Pitt – the lead actor – come out of retirement to compete alongside a rookie driver. There are some heavyweights involved in the project which includes Joseph Kosinski, Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman.

Kosinski – who recently directed the Top Gun: Maverick movie – will direct the F1 movie under the Plan B Entertainment banner. Bruckheimer and Oman are the producers from Jerry Bruckheimer Films, with Hamilton being the third producer.

Copper CEO Penni Thow will be the executive producer whereas Ehren Krugger will write the screenplay. While Hamilton serves as a producer of the movie, it is yet to be seen if he ends up playing a cameo role as well, considering his urge to act.

Apart from the above, no other details has been shared yet in terms of the shooting and how long will the movie take to be released. Also, it is yet to be seen what types of cars are used for the shoot and the film is set on which timeline.

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