Andretti Global has announced the hiring of Pat Symonds to further strengthen its bid to enter F1.

In another step towards making its goal in F1, Andretti Cadillac has hired veteran Symonds in the role of Executive Engineering Consultant. He is due to officially join the American outfit once his gardening leave is served – the duration of which remains unknown.

For more than seven years, Symonds has been part of the F1 family serving as its Chief Technical Officer. He was not just involved the 2022 regulations, but also the upcoming 2026 regulations which will be his final work in his current role.

The hiring of Symonds is another big step from Andretti Cadillac as it chases a F1 entry. They were denied to enter in 2026 from FOM which the American effort is still chasing. They do have an option to re-apply for 2028 with General Motors.

Symonds is a second big notable hiring after Nick Chester. “We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Pat to the Andretti family,” said Michael Andretti. “Pat’s keen understanding of aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics and Formula One power units will be instrumental as we continue to build a competitive team.

“I believe his expertise has been pivotal in shaping the narrative of Formula One and his vote of confidence in joining our effort speaks volumes. I’m really happy with this next step as our work continues at pace.”

At the same time, Chester added: “I have had the pleasure to work with Pat in the past and he has a wealth of knowledge we can draw upon. Pat will bring expertise across technical areas and team operations in his role as Executive Engineering Consultant that will help us develop the team.”

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