Fernando Alonso is not thinking too much about Honda as yet even though he is open to work, as Yuki Tusnoda adds his say.

The speculated deal between Aston Martin and Honda was finally confirmed on Wednesday as the British F1 outfit readies itself to become a works team with an exclusive power unit partner. It is the formal return of the Japanese manufacturer in the game.

They left F1 after its success with Red Bull but have stayed on still with them and AlphaTauri in outside capacity. They will be there until the 2025 season. Come 2026, Honda will move on to Aston Martin, while Ford will join Red Bull and co.

The big talking point post the announcement was about Alonso. His previous ‘GP2 engine’ remark is not forgotten and even though Honda has moved past it on the outside, the pinch feeling never goes away and so far they haven’t worked with each other at all.

Even in IndyCar, Alonso couldn’t drive for Honda-powered cars but fate has now brought them together once again. Although, it remains to be seen whether it happens or not. Considering that 2026 is still years away, there is a chance that he may retire.

While both have publicly stated that they are fine to work with each other, but only the future will say if that becomes a reality. Aston Martin boss Mike Krack, though, is not ruling the Alonso and Honda union, even though he knows a new deal has to be agreed upon.

The second seat beside Lance Stroll is likely to be a big hit and Honda may want to have their own driver in it too considering that the one seat is already taken up by the Canadian. Tsunoda is one name for sure, but the Japanese too is not looking too far ahead.

Alonso: “I mean, I don’t know what I will do in 2026. I will lie if I tell you that I know right now. For sure, I feel fresh, I feel motivated now. I feel sharp, still fast. And if I keep enjoying it, I would love to keep racing. But I know there is going to be one time, I know that one day I will wake up and I will not feel maybe motivated or happy to keep travelling and all these kinds of things. Or maybe I don’t feel fast and I will be the first one to raise my hand and say, maybe it’s time. So let’s see, I think it’s a long way until 2026. I will focus first of all on Monaco now, because I think it’s an important weekend and then this season, the next one, hopefully we can make another step and fight for bigger things.

“And then, racing again with Honda, no it’s going to be no problem at all from my side. I know that it didn’t work out last time, 2015, ’16, ’17. It was even worse, maybe for some of my teammates, you know, like Stoffel or whatever, coming from dominating F3, F2 and then joining a project that maybe was not fully ready back then. But, you know, I think they proved that they have now a competitive package. They won the championship in ’21. They won a championship in ’22 and most likely will win the championship in ’23. So, I think they have now a very strong package and you know, it’s a new set of regulations, but I think it will be a very exciting project for sure.

“As I said, it’s way too far ahead to really have an idea. So, yeah, I have to concentrate and focus on this year. This is very exciting news, what is happening now to the team, this new partnership with Honda, the new factory. At the end of this month, I think the team is moving to the new building; the new wind tunnel next year. So, there are so many things happening that it is just normal to get excited and want to be part of this team for many, many years. It it’s a driver or in a different role, I will be just honoured to be part of it. But so far it’s just Monaco in my head, and this year and next year, so even ’25 I’m not sure what I will do.”

Krack: “There is no reason to think he should not be with us in the car in 2026. I cannot see one single reason why he would not be. Fernando was not involved in the discussions with Honda but he was always kept in the loop. We wanted to have his thoughts, we wanted to have his opinions, as we do with every topic because he is a key member of the team, just as Lance is. We have a very good relationship with our drivers you see it when you listen to the radio, they are both always involved. And we are fortunate to also have Pedro de la Rosa who also has some relationships – so I think all in all, it is a very strong team. We do not say the drivers are there, the engineers are there. It is just one big group where everybody’s opinion counts.”

Tsunoda: “Yeah, very excited. As a part of the Honda family, it’s good to see them back into the Formula 1 environment. You know, obviously, it was actually a shame, two years, three years ago, when they retired after they had such a massive year with Red Bull. So, I would say it’s good for them. They like their challenges. And I hope they have another successful season with Aston Martin. I don’t know for now [about a drive], to be honest. It’s still far away to think about. But yeah, interesting two teams, two manufacturers in a collaboration with each other. I heard it’s not their first time so maybe they can adapt quickly. But yeah, I mean, it’s good to see of course.”

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