Fernando Alonso felt back to normal after double points for Aston Martin in F1 British GP, despite losing out to Lance Stroll.

It was indeed slightly back to normal for the Aston Martin after looking to be in a good shape in F1 British GP weekend albeit still unable to beat one of the Haas’ of Nico Hulkenberg. But overall, they looked to be in a much better shape.

Alonso finished behind teammate Stroll after losing out in pits, but he felt much inclined with the car at Silverstone. Even in the mixed conditions, they didn’t lose pace to drop out of the Top 10 or lose out to a Williams or Visa Cash App RB.

“Again, I drive the car, it is a very good question for Mike and Tom,” when asked why the Aston Martin car worked in Silverstone. “But it was pretty good. I mean the feeling was back to normality. We were fifth, sixth fastest team. Nico I think was very fast the whole weekend, but yeah, we could fight for points.

“Seventh and eighth I think it’s more or less the positions we were before pre Imola in a way so yeah, we came back to our more natural position so happy for that. After Austria we regrouped a little bit, we understood a couple of directions that maybe were not right and yeah, as I said happy to be back in the points, felt more competitive.

“It was a tricky race to understand and gamble in some of the tyre changes. I wait too long to put the inters, but yeah, the track was to dry probably so you damage a lot the inters on that first couple of laps. So I didn’t want to do that in case of heavy rain to have a better inter tyre. It didn’t rain.

“So yeah, my bet, in a way it was not working but yeah, you need a little bit of luck on those. We had a very maybe unique situation with both cars separated one second away, so one car has to stop in one lap and the other car in the next lap. So yeah, it can go either way depends of how much it rains after that pit stop.

“And yeah, we lost a place today but it’s the same result for the team. So happy for that,” summed up Alonso, as teammate Stroll had a good outing as well after holding off Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc for long in the first stint.

He tried to catch Hulkenberg towards the end but it was too late. “It was a tricky race out there today, but we managed it well and picked up a decent load of points for the team,” said Stroll. “I had a good start and got Hulkenberg off the line. Then the rain started a few laps in and we stopped for the Intermediate tyres.

“It’s always a challenge to judge how long you can survive on the dry compound – you don’t want to leave it too late and end up in the barriers – but I think we made that call well. It’s good to end this triple header with a more competitive weekend; it’s a big uplift for the team and we’ll look to take that momentum into Hungary.”

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