Albon impose himself in a surprising race in which 2 safety cars had provoked the chaos. De Vries stops Russell from score points and Norris saved the day after having to star from the Pit-Lane.

The start was cancelled because Norris and Makina had an engine stall and they had to start from the Pit-Lane. At the second start Russell was the leader and was followed by the poleman, Ghiotto, and De Vries. After them Günther and Delétraz crashed, the Swiss had to abandon and Aitken was taken to the Pit-Lane due to an engine stall. At the first lap the safety car was required because Ghiotto impacted into the wall. At the time, the first 10 drivers were: Alex Albon, George Russell, Nick De Vries, Arjun Maini, Sergio Sette Camara, Antonio Fuoco, Roy Nissany, Artem Markelov, Ralph Boschung and Nirei Fukuzumi.

The 5th lap brought several overtakes, Sette Camara was 4th, Fukuzumi overtook Markelov and Boschung, Norris overtook Latifi. A lap later Russell, Ferrucci, Norris and Latifi enter to boxes. Maini stops and had to abandon. The 7th lap Albon enters to boxes and leave after Russell and De Vries. Markelov was in 6th position but was overtook by Sette Camara.

Russell was setting the pace while Markelov and Sette Camara were fighting and Fukuzumi overtook them. Albon overtook Nissany which one lap later was overtook by Fuoco. Norris was 11th while Boschung and Latifi were fighting, and these fight help the british to overtake Ralph. He lost position also, against with Aitken. Moreover, Fukuzumi were overtook by Sette Camara and Latifi.

At the same time that Norris and Aitken a overtook Fukuzumi, Nissany crashed against the wall binging back the safety car. Fukuzumi Ferrucci enter on boxes and the japanese stall the engine whil e the american had problems with his right back tire. The positions at the top 10 were: Russell, De Vries, Albon, Fuoco, Markelov, Sette Camara, Latifi, Norris, Aitken y Boschung.

At the second restart De Vries overtook Russell from the interior, locked up and both of them ended at the run off area but didn’t collide. Markelov also locked up and left a different picture at the race. Fuoco was leader with Albon in second position and Sette Camara 3rd. In order to be 4th Aitken overtook a Latifi and Norris and 2 laps after he ended up 3rd.

De Vries gained positions and ended 10th . Russell, was the last one and overtook Fukuzumi. Markelov broke the engine and Markelov did the fastest lap but was not enough because one lap later Albon overtook him. Russell was in 13th position doing the fastest lap was not enogh because he was at 44seconds from Ferrucci,  he could not gain points because he was out of the Top10.

Finally at the top, De Vries abandoned the race and the fight between Sette Camara – Latifi continued. At the second to last lap Aitken overtook Fuoco but he could not stop Albon from the victory. First victory in history from a Thai driver. Also, Roberto Merhi ended 8th and he will star at the Pole.