For more than 5 years, DTM fans and race-gamers have been waiting for a new game based on the most popular international touring car series. On 5th December 2013 DTM Experience will be released exclusively for PC. DTM Experience is crafted with a 100 per cent focus on authenticity, recreating the real drivers and teams as well as the tracks and cars from the DTM season 2013. Responsible for the development of DTM Experience on behalf of DTM are SimBin Studios AB and RaceRoom Entertainment AG.

DTM Experience assures by its high degree of realism and skillful arrangement of challenges, so that the authentic driving experience reaches all players. The difficulty levels “Novice” and “Amateur” offer intelligent support for the driving dynamics of the cars allowing for a good balance between easy handling and a challenge to master. The “Get Real” driving model lets the player experience DTM like a real race driver. At this level, all technical settings correspond with that of their real life counterparts. Transmission ratio, differential, aerodynamics and many more parameters can be changed to simulate the powerful mechanisms behind a real DTM car.

Experienced drivers can further add tire wear and car damage to their experience. A particular action-rich option is provided by the DRS (Drag Reduction System). Like in reality, the players can modify the aerodynamics of the car with DRS via the push of a button, and move the rear wing to support crucial takeovers.

A further highlight is A.R.I. (Adaptive Racing Intelligence) which adapts automatically and intelligently to the individual drivers skill. When the driver becomes better, so do the opponents. The artificial intelligence “learns” and continues to be a challenge for the driver.

Online Leaderboard Challenges connect directly to driving profiles. Gamers’ lap times mix with the DTM pros’ times enlisted on the Leaderboards.

Equipped with these outstanding driving dynamics, the drivers of DTM Experience enter the challenge with the original DTM vehicles on the original DTM tracks, competing based on the original rules against perfectly simulated and realistic opponents. The fight for the title influences not only the driver’s progress but also that of the DTM team’s and DTM manufacturer’s scoreboards. The sophisticated Qualifying modes in four competition levels boil up the excitement around the pole position battle. The Race with its duels doesn’t lack in drama compared to the real DTM.

With the upcoming release, fans and racers will not only get the DTM season 2013. As an absolute highlight, all buyers of DTM Experience are for now granted free access to the coming DTM Experience 2014 that will include Online Multiplayer Mode.

The whole world of DTM Experience in detail:

− DTM 2013 Championship
o All 10 rounds of DTM season 2013

− DTM Single Races
o Unlimited choice of track and car for free races

− DTM Tracktest
o Free Time attack and training on any track with any car of the DTM season 2013

− DTM Leaderboard Competition
o Online Time Attack against all players of worldwide DTM Experience