Pirelli Motorsport has announced a postponement of the upcoming 18-inch F1 tyre test with Ferrari due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

As events around the globe is getting cancelled or postponed, F1 so far only has put Chinese GP in the latter list, even though fears continue around Australian GP, Bahrain GP and Vietnam GP. MotoGP, in fact, got Qatar GP cancelled, while it postponed Thai GP.

It was more to do with the respective host countries putting in restrictions, something which is not as strict in Australia, Bahrain and Vietnam – although things are changing on a daily basis and certain travel restrictions are being put in place, disrupting the schedule.

While the grand prix situation plays out, Italian-based Pirelli and Ferrari have decided to postpone its 2021 18-inch wet F1 tyre test, which was scheduled to take place on March 5 at Fiorano. Both of them have been worse hit due to COVID-19 in North Italy.

The statement from both stated: “Because of company restriction policies adopted by Ferrari and Pirelli following the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the scheduled 18-inch 2021 wet tyre test at Fiorano on March 5 has to be postponed. The test will be rescheduled at Fiorano at the earliest opportunity.”

It was a single day test at Fiorano like the February 8 running with Ferrari at Jerez. The next test is scheduled to take place on March 23-24 at Bahrain with Renault and Mercedes respectively, provided the F1 grand prix is on schedule.

For teams like Ferrari and AlphaTauri along with Pirelli officials and many other suppliers, media and fans, it could be a tough ride as places like Bahrain and Vietnam have put in restrictions in terms of travel into their respective countries.

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