Valtteri Bottas says the points result in F1 Italian GP was important for Alfa Romeo as he hopes updates in Singapore works for them.

It wasn’t looking that Alfa Romeo could score in F1 Italian GP but shenanigans towards the end helped Bottas to eke out a point for the first time since the Canadian GP. And the point came at their home event where they ran a special livery for the weekend.

He had a quiet race until the last part when he was hit by Williams’ Logan Sargeant but he managed to stay 10th still. He was aided by a late mishap for McLaren’s Oscar Piastri, but the Finn was there to take up the last point.

“It’s really important for us, even though it’s only one point, but it’s been a bit of a dry season for a while,” said Bottas. “So, I’m really glad we got one point and, like you said, important race for the team, home of Alfa Romeo. So yeah.”

Points wise, Alfa Romeo is still 11 behind Williams who are their main target. The Grove-based team have been consistent with their results but the upcoming tracks are some which will not suit their car which is what their rivals are banking on.

Alfa Romeo will have an update in Singapore and Bottas hopes it works for them in order to challenge Williams. “They clearly have a faster package at the moment, like the last two racetracks very different level of downforce, but still they’ve clearly had an edge,” he said.

“It’s a bit worrying, but we’ve got an upgrade for Singapore. If that gets us closer, then it’s still possible to fight with them, but if not, it’s going to be tricky. In theory, our package should be decent, you know, and the field is tight.

“So really hoping that it will give us a good step forward. But at the moment it is only speculation. So we’ll really see on track in Singapore. But anything is still possible. There’s still a lot of races and small margins,” summed up Bottas.

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