Aston Martin has found new evidence and is officially pushing for right of review alongside the appeal procedure to the F1 Hungarian GP ruling.

With not much time left for the final appeal to be made, Aston Martin has confirmed that they are going ahead with the right to review option, after finding new evidence, which was not available to them at the time of the F1 Hungarian GP stewards’ decision.

The FIA technical team only found 0.3 liter of fuel sample at the end of the grand prix after Vettel stopped on track and eventually disqualified them for the technical rule breach. Aston Martin argued that their meter showed 1.74 liter in the tank.

The FIA report, however, mentioned of 1.44 liter from the side of Aston Martin, but they didn’t physically find it. With the F1 team choosing to appeal, the car was impounded and taken to the governing body’s headquarter in Paris.

With days passed now, Aston Martin has come up with a new evidence. It is not clear what the evidence is, but in their statement, they allude to Vettel not gaining anything from a performance advantage or that it was not deliberately.

“After Sebastian Vettel’s drive to second place on the road in the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday August 1st, he was disqualified from the results when a 1.0-litre sample of fuel was not able to be taken from his car after the race (a requirement as set out in the FIA Formula One Technical Regulations),” said a statement from Aston Martin.

“There was and is no suggestion that Vettel’s Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team AMR21 car benefited from a performance advantage from the alleged regulatory breach, or that it was deliberate.

“Since the team’s data indicated that there was more than 1.0 litre of fuel in the car after the race – 1.74 litres according to the data – the team immediately reserved its right to appeal, and has requested a right of review alongside the appeal procedure, as a result of having discovered significant new evidence relevant to the sanction which was unavailable to it at the time of the FIA stewards’ decision.”

It is a big step from Aston Martin to challenge the FIA’s decision, considering the track record of such appeals ending up on the favour of any team or driver’s side. But with considerable number of points and podium in question, it is doing as much.

UPDATE: The FIA has agreed to listen to the appeal made by Aston Martin, which will take place online on August 9 at 15:00 CET. On that hearing day, it will be known if the disqualification stays or there is a change of result.

“In accordance with Art. 14 of the International Sporting Code, and following the petition for review by Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team, lodged on the 4 August 2021, the Team Manager and such witnesses as the Competitor may request, up to three attendees in total including the Team Manager, are required to appear via video conference (invitation by separate cover) at 15:00 hrs CEST on Monday, 9 August 2021. The names and positions of all attendees that the Competitor intends to request to attend must be provided in writing no later than 17:00hrs CEST on Sunday, 8 August 2021 to the Stewards Secretary.”

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