Fernando Alonso was frustrated with the lack of pace in F1 Italian GP as he notes no one will remember it but he will.

After a slight up in the last couple of races, Aston Martin had their worst result of F1 2023 IN Italian GP where Alonso finished ninth and Lance Stroll was out of points. It wasn’t a circuit that suited the car but it didn’t deter the Spaniard’s frustration.

He knows that not many will remember such races but as a competitor and fighter, he will remember it in his head considering that he wants to perform at all circuits. “It is frustrating because it was a very demanding race mentally, physically to drive the car that was, yeah, with very low grip, very tricky to drive,” said Alonso to media.

“For me, it was one of the most difficult races of the year. And its the worst result, so it’s going to be an anonymous race for all and no one will remember this, but I will do in my head, because it has been a tough one. But hopefully good lessons that we take from here on the car or the data that we have from the race and we get better next time.”

The execution is what Alonso is happy about from the grand prix when they knew that it will be hard for them to keep the likes of Mercedes and McLaren behind. “I think we are doing the job every Sunday,” he said. “Executing the maximum from the car, sometimes unfortunately it’s ninth, sometimes it’s second like in Zandvoort.

“We are not doing mistakes. We are doing good strategy, good pit stops, not… Yeah, making big mistakes like some of our competitors, they made at the beginning of the year. So we have a good gap in terms of points. But yeah, it’s getting closer and even Ferrari in the constructors championship, I think, is ahead of us now with this result,” summed up Alonso.

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