Giuliano Alesi won the race ahead of Ryan Tveter and Kevin Jörg. Trident dominated the race with a 1-2-3-4.

Alesi started from P3, but he overtook his teammates Tveter and Jörg in the first corner. Fukuzumi and Pulcini made contact and the Japanese driver had to retire from the race. Russell went from last place to P13.

Lorandi had a puncture which forced him to retire. Aitken took advantage of the chaos caused by this to overtake Hubert for P5. Baptista’s car stopped at the chicane and the Virtual Safety Car was deployed. When the VSC period ended, Aitken overtook Boccolacci, but lost position again when trying to overtake Jörg. When he tried with Boccolacci again, he ended up falling down to P7 behind Kari and Hubert. Russell was already 8th after overtaking Hyman and Siebert, but he had a slight contact with Aitken which prevented them both from scoring any points.Falchero had a puncture which caused another Virtual Safety Car.

Finally, Alesi got the win ahead of Tveter and Jörg. Boccolacci, Hubert, Kari, Hyman, Siebert, Maini and Pulcini completed the top 10. None of the first 3 drivers in the championship got any points today. This places Hubert on 3rd ahead of Fukuzumi.