Alexander Albon says the F1 drivers had warned the FIA personnel about the outcome when shortening the DRS zone.

Ahead of the start of the 2023 F1 season, the FIA alerted about shortening DRS zones of certain races and it eventually happened too as seen in Baku and Miami. The response to it was mixed as passing became a touch tougher than previous times.

The situation in Baku was no less than a nightmare in terms of passing, while Miami was still a touch better but largely due to the out of position qualifying for several F1 drivers. The pre and post race chatter continued about the DRS zones.

In fact, the drivers’ briefing too saw a lengthy debate on the same. Williams’ Albon, who reckoned the shortened DRS zone at Turn 7 was worse for their car in Miami, in general felt that the drivers’ warnings fell on deaf ears of the FIA personnel.

He noted that they stuck to their plans eventually. He also didn’t buy the idea of no last minute change if needed for the DRS matter, especially when the whole tyre situation in the sprint event in Baku was more or less fixed upon at the last minute.

“We were quite vocal about shortening DRS zones all year so far,” said Albon to media. “And they still stuck to their guns on shortening them, and we kind of pre-warned it. It happens, no surprises for anyone. I think the main thing is just that there is more to it than just that, you can’t do these changes so quickly.

“I understand and I don’t understand because I think the show matters. And if everyone’s watching these kinds of races, no one’s going to be enjoying them. At the same time, we say we can’t do things last minute.

“But even in the sprint race, the whole tyre strategy was last minute. So I wonder what is last minute and what’s not last minute. I think that point is very dependent on what gets asked. So speak to George, he is more vocal than I am,” smiled Albon to conclude.

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