Alexander Albon says F1 circuits like Miami exposes the weaknesses of Williams who are still the ninth or 10th slowest car.

After a solid qualifying for Williams’ Albon in F1 Miami GP, the grand prix turned out to be a procession and a touch disaster despite some fights. He did fancy himself in some of the on-track fights especially early on, but that was it for him.

Getting to Top 10 became tougher with the likes of Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll and the Haas pair pair around him and he eventually had to settle for no points. It included some stern radio messages which he didn’t remember what he actually said to his engineer.

It was mostly about when to push or how much to push. It was a tricky situation for him as he admitted to it. “I don’t know what I said, to be honest,” Albon said to media. “I think at the time I got told to manage the tyres but we weren’t catching the cars in front.

“So it was either try and not manage and try and catch the cars and overtake them, or just stay at the back. I’d rather be aggressive and then suffer the consequences later than never try and just finish last. So that was why I think I said I don’t really agree with it.

“But then at the same time, we wanted to push very hard in the first few laps with the tyre, and it was making the tyre grain up. So I didn’t agree with that either. So a bit of everything,” summed up Albon, who noted that Miami exposed their weaknesses.

The circuit in combination with the weather didn’t play out for a car like Williams, which Albon reckons is still the ninth or 10th slowest car on the grid. “It’s more just we don’t have the pace,” he said. “So we’re just trying to do different things.

“And I do think we’re the ninth or 10th slowest car, that’s the reality of it. We’re just getting the most out of it most weekends, and on a track where the tyres do get hot there is deg, and it exposes our weaknesses.

“And Miami was a really clear example that these kinds of circuits don’t normally suit us. We did a great job in qualifying, and this was our true pace in the race. So just one of those things. Hopefully, we can go to another circuit that suits us a little bit more.”

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