Jack Aitken after a great comeback from 10th to 3rd is the new 2015 Formula Renault 2.0 Alps champion. Barnicoat and Hubert completes the podium, as runner-up, Jake Hughes comeback from 19th to 9th but he was beat by 5 points.

Today’s race was a description of great racing skills from Koiranen GP drivers, Jack Aitken and Jake Hughes who after a poor qualifying, they had to do several overtakes to win the title.

It was a great start from pole sitter, Martin Kodric who maintain the top positions, as Barnicoat and Hubert overtook Isaakyan who drop to fourth place. Behind the race leaders, Jack Aitken who started from 10th comeback to 8th position, as Jake Hughes went from 19th to 16th. In that moment was Aitken who was the provisional champion.

Aitken and Hughes continued on his comeback. Jack overtook Gachet for seventh, as Hughes did the same for 15th with Vasily Romanov, which lose more positions later. Then Jake overtook Matteo Ferrer for 14th.

At half-point of the race, Isaakyan overtook Hubert for third position, as Aitken did the same on Vivacqua, which made him the provisional champion, and this force Hughes to finish almost on 11th position to be the 2015 champion.

With 11 minutes to go, Hughes pass Hugo De Sadeleer for 13th. Meanwhile, a mistake from Isaakyan made him down to 12th place which helps Hughes to advance to 11th after overtake James Allen, but, Jack Aitken went from sixth to fourth after a move on Defourny and the Isaakyan’s mistake. This makes him even more champion, forcing Hughes to finish on 6th place, a difficult action for the British with only 5 minutes to go.

Hughes overtook quickly the Russians Nikita Troitskiy and Alexey Korneev to get the ninth place with 2 minutes to go.

With any more time, Jack Aitken wins the 2015 Formula Renault 2.0 Alps championship thanks to his third final place. It was going to be a maiden win for Martin Kodric in the series but a 10 seconds-penalty made Ben Barnicoat the winner of the race. Second place for the yesterday’s race winner, Anthoine Hubert as Aitken completes the podium

Fourth place for Kodric, fifth place for Max Defourny, followed by Thiago Vivacqua, Simon Gachet, Jehan Daruvala, Jake Hughes and Nikita Troitskiy.

Top10 for drivers eligible to score points: 1 Aitken 2 Vivacqua 3 Hughes 4 Isaakyan 5 Allen 6 Riener 7 Pronenko 8 Fischer 9 Baptista 10 Cazzaniga