We are on the threshold of another edition of the 24 of the Vall del Tenes, especially since it is the XXXIV edition. This new edition presents, and continuity in terms of participants, a total of 35 teams with 140 riders making the 24h full of emotions.


As for the team last year, a classic of the 24 hours, the Sis Sis Racing, will not participate in this year. So this year we will have another team that could bring maximum glory.

The workshop team Pelayo Ton Motor Racing Team Honda Team Vico-Wic Auto Auto Racing Team A41, CM Competition and the Granja l’Ametlla Yasuni, are mainly preferred and will fight for victory this year, as well as fight for the first position in Group 3.

With regard to foreign participation, we have one French team (R \ ‘One Racing), two Italians (Italian Peperoncino Team 1, Team 2 Peperoncino Italian), a Holland (Holland Team) and one Portuguese.