Lewis Hamilton has won five Formula 1 World Championships, 71 races and 81 poles. This allows him to dream and look forward to some day, reach the legend Michael Schumacher.

The German was seven times champion of the world and is the pilot with more championships in his pocket. So far, his closest pursuer was Juan Manuel Fangio who, in the decade of the 50s, won five titles in eight seasons.

After clinch his fifth title in Mexico GP, Hamilton has equaled the record of the Argentine and his next goal is Michael Schumacher to become the pilot with more F1 titles of the history.

Hamilton is now 33 years old and has contract with Mercedes for two more years. The British driver has shown motivation to reach Schumacher‘s records.

“The way I’ve always approached it, is I’ve just been really thankful for the ones you have,” Hamilton said.

“I’m very, very fortunate to be up here now, obviously with more than most people have, and I don’t take that for granted. Whether or not I’m going to have the chance to win more, who knows. I’m going to give it everything to do so, but I think just one step at a time.”

“The 91 wins that he has, for example, that’s a lot of wins. I guess 20 away now, aren’t I? There’s still a long way to go but I’m here for a few more years, so I’m hoping that I can at least get close.”

“But even so, Michael was just such a genius in how he implemented himself into Ferrari and what he did with that team and yeah, I will always be a fan of him.”

“It’s been a special year, I think for everyone, and I guess I can only really talk for myself but I think being able to tap into your creativity is only a positive — there’s no negatives about that.”

“Naturally people will have opinions for and against things that you do but one thing for me is that all of you will know — and I don’t do everything perfectly, and I don’t always say the right things, but one thing I do do is I do me. Only I can live my life the way I live it and it can’t be steered by anyone else and I try to do the right things in order to be my best.”

“Having these opportunities to do these other things, tapping into a different part of the mind, naturally doing these things outside a race, it has nothing to do with being a racing driver but I think it’s keeping the brain stimulated and knowledge is power. So naturally when you’re learning new things, when you’re experiencing new things, you’re gaining knowledge as you travel the world and I only see that as a positive.”

Hamilton highlights his ability to pursue other interests away from Formula 1, such as his role as ambassador for the Tommy Hilfiger fashion brand, as having a crucial part in his championship-winning performance this year.

“So I try and be a sponge and absorb from people like Tommy, who has built an incredible brand. Ultimately, on my list, there’s a new dream there, to do something like he’s done within that business. So we will see how it is 10 years from now.”