Lirim Zendeli has taken his second win of the season in ADAC Formel 4 in Nürburgring Race 1. The German lead a light-to-flag in a red-flagged race. Schramm and Scherer completes the podium, while Vips takes a huge advantage in the championship.

The start of the race was plenty of contacts and crashes. At turn 1, Ghattas spun off while two corners later, Jonathan Aberdein (Motopark) made contact with Felipe Drugovich (Van Amersfoort Racing) who spun, while Aberdein damaged his front wing but kept the third position.

On lap 2, Kami Laliberté (Van Amersfoort Racing) had to abandon after stuck his car in the gravel. But in the same lap, Nicklas Nielsen (US Racing) car suffered a scary crash and the race was red-flagged.

Nielsen was ok after the crash despite been taking with the ambulance to the medical center.

At the re-start of the race, Lirim Zendeli (ADAC Berlin Brandenburg e.V.) kept the lead ahead of Kim-Luis Schramm (US Racing) to take his second win of the season. US Racing driver, Fabio Scherer completed the podium after overtake Andreas Estner (Neuhauser Racing).

Juri Vips (Prema Powerteam) with a lack of pace finished 5th, ahead of Louis Gachot (Van Amersfoort Racing) and Frederick Vesti (Van Amersfoort Racing).

Best rookie driver was Enzo Fittipaldi (Prema Powerteam) in 8th place, while Julian Hanses (US Racing) and Marcus Armstrong (Prema Powerteam) completes the top 10.

In the drivers’ championship now is Juri Vips who is leading ahead of Drugovich and Armstrong with 17 points of margin.


1 Zendeli 2 Schramm 3 Scherer 4 Estner 5 Vips 6 Gachot 7 Vesti 8 Fittipaldi 9 Hanses 10 Armstrong 11 Piro 12 Petrov 13 Correa 14 Hoogenboom 15 Waldherr 16 Söderström 17 Drugovich 18 Wishofer 19 Flörsch 20 Caldwell 21 Weerts 22 Heinrich 23 Wagner 24 Ghattas 25 Beckhäuser

Retired: Aberdein, Nielsen, Laliberté