Alessandro Alex Zanardi is showing some signs of clinical improvements in San Raffaele hospital as update comes after over two weeks.

Having being transferred to Villa Beretta rehab center from Le Scotte Hospital – where he was since June 19 – the health condition of Zanardi deteriorated, which forced the doctors to shift him back in a hospital. He was put up in San Raffaele in Milan, Italy.

The former F1/IndyCar racer then had his fourth operation on June 25 as the hospital updated about his condition last on June 27, where Zanardi was stable after the surgery. It has been radio silence since then until August 19 with over two weeks gone.

The latest note from the hospital talks of clinical improvements from Zanardi, who is being treated in a semi-intensive care at the neuroreanimation unit under Professor Luigi Beretta. He is yet to regain conscious since the incident, where he had collided head-on with a truck during a handbike event, in response to COVID-19 pandemic re-opening.

He had three surgeries when he was admitted in the Le Scotte Hospital, where two was the same neurosurgical procedure as he was kept sedated all his stay, while the final one was the re-structure of the damages he had following the incident.

The fresh statement from the hospital goes: “After a period during which he was subjected to intensive care following hospitalisation on 24 July, the patient responded with significant clinical improvements. For this reason, he is currently assisted and treated with semi-intensive care at the Neuroreanimation Unit, directed by Professor Luigi Beretta.”

Here’s the last from the hospital on Alex Zanardi