Toto Wolff says races like in Brazil confirms the decision made by Mercedes to bring big changes in their F1 2024 car.

Having had a good run in the races in Austin and Mexico, Mercedes stumbled badly in Brazil where Lewis Hamilton managed just eighth place while George Russell suffered a retirement. This came one year after their mighty success at Interlagos.

Having had the time to reflect and analyse, Mercedes have found the reasons for things not working out in Brazil. But the core factor remains the 2024 season when the F1 team is bringing bigger changes and the Brazilian adventure further confirmed the need for it.

“I see a lot of change but this is our route, fundamentally different car next year and Brazil proves that is the right thing to do,” said Wolff to media. “It confirms that the trajectory of changing fundamentally is right. Last year you come out of an Interlagos weekend and you’re absolutely on top, you’re demolishing your competition Saturday and Sunday, and that was like ‘are we doing the right thing by continuing with the chassis that we have?’ and now it’s pretty clear.

“It feels horrible for the whole team and I wish we could start in the new season and concentrate on the new car. The development on this car is more plasters that we have put on, and that is not right. It shows that it is so unpredictable that it can swing either way, that you can be six, seven or eight-tenths off when you just tip over the edge and then nothing goes. It is sometimes a nasty surprise box for all of us – and we got it probably as bad as some other teams got it,” summed up Wolff.

Even with the idea of change, it is a big call from Mercedes and when asked how much confidence he has that bringing those changes and if will be helpful, Wolff added: “In 13 years I’ve never felt optimistic or confident. It’s maybe more my problem and my brain: the glass is always half empty.

“But what we know is that we’re changing the car completely and we are an outlier compared to the last eight years, where we’ve been in the front, solid, and with the structure and people to perform at the front, winning championship or not, that’s a different sheet of paper. But I think and as I said, it more confirms that the steps that we did are necessary.”

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