The weather was not the only issue in 24H Dubai race as a video surfaced online where a rival pit crew member is seen pushing the other into a car albeit accidentally.

The 24H Dubai folded up early due to rain flooding the Dubai Autodrome circuit. In the end, the #4 Black Falcon Mercedes GT3 crew of Ben Barker, Jeroen Bleekemolen, Khaled Al Qubaisi, Manuel Metzger and Hubert Haupt, were declared as winners.

They completed 168 laps in all when the race was red-flagged and everyone came to a standstill. The podium was then completed by the #88 Car Collection Motorsport Audi R8 LMS Evo 2019 and #7 MS7 by WRT Audi R8 LMS Evo 2019.

Rain played a second surprising part in the 24H Dubai as a video surfaced online when the race was on, showcasing a controversial pit moment, involving #989 MRS GT-Racing Porsche 991-II Cup and #77 Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo.

The short video shows the MRS crew member showing its driver the way outside the pit box, when the crew of Barwell were preparing for a tyre change for its driver. The MRS member seemed like trying to keep the other crew away from its car leaving.

But possibly unaware as to how close the MRS member was, the mechanic of Barwell shoved him off, so as to change the left-rear tyre. But the push was enough to send the MRS mechanic into his own team’s car’s rear wing, as he dropped to the floor.

The video ended their with no more information laid out. Barwell were handed a four-minute penalty as they ended up sixth overall, while the #989 MRS Porsche was 18th and the sister #980 was classified as 24th – the former won in 991 category.

There is no confirmed report about the MRS member, but it is being said that he is fine but is feeling ‘poorly’. tried to get more information on the same but hasn’t had any response so far, even from the series organisers.

The MRS team celebrating the win, posted: “Winner winner chicken dinner! We won the 24H Dubai (991 class) with this amazing driver line-up! Thanks to Gosia Rdest, Jukka Honkavuori, Ollie Hancock and John Hartshorne for an amazing week of racing!

“Thanks to the girls and boys in orange for the big efforts and faultless job! Bad situation when our mechanic got hurt by a needless pitstop accident, he will recover soon! Thanks, proud if this team!”

Meanwhile, Barwell’s update after the six hours read as: “So we are at the 6hr mark here in Dubai, weather has been more like Spa! We have been leading overall for about 5 of the first 6hrs! But unfortunately we had to serve a 4min pit stop penalty, dropping us to 4th, when one of our crew unintentionally collided with a neighbouring mechanic during a wheel change, resulting in an infringement. Long way to go!”