Ferrari and Haas completed their first F1 filming run in Bahrain as Aston Martin were on track too, while Romain Grosjean showed image of his burnt helmet.

After their online launch on Wednesday, Ferrari made their track debut at Bahrain International Circuit on Thursday with both Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz driving the SF21 for a combined 100 km on demonstration Pirelli tyres.

It was Ferrari’s first track run of the 2021 season with their new car, as they ran with and without the Mission Winnow logo. It was also Leclerc and Sainz’s first time in the SF21 after having driven the 2018 Ferrari machine and also the mule car for separate F1 tests.

Here’s some photos from Ferrari

Aside Ferrari, after their engine fire-up, Haas too had their VF-21 on track for the first time in Bahrain, with Nikita Mazepin the sole driver to have the 100 km run. Mick Schumacher was certainly present at the scene, but only for shooting purposes.

Here’s a photo and some videos from Haas:

While Aston Martin did not officially shared any images, certain F1 photographers present in Bahrain, caught Sebastian Vettel driving the AMR21, wearing the pink BWT helmet. It is unclear if it was the team utilising its second filming run already.

Also, during a Twitch session – while back in Europe after his IndyCar test runs – Grosjean finally shared an image of his burnt helmet from the Bahrain F1 incident. It shows the extent of burns and quantifies the report submitted by the FIA on the accident.

Here’s the full video of Romain Grosjean on Twitch:

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